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Tim Lovelace Video Gallery

Get a look at the hilarious comedy and original songs from Tim Lovelace! Tim’s Video Gallery is the best place to find great moments from some of Tim’s favorite concerts. So sit back, press play, and get ready to laugh!

For years, Tim travelled and sang Southern Gospel music as a member of a quartet, or as a duet with his wife Mary Alice. Along the way, Tim’s God-given gift for songwriting became apparent as Tim wrote songs for himself and countless other Southern Gospel artists. With all the travelling, Tim got a chance to know a few folks inside and outside of the church and began noticing certain behaviors from each. Pretty soon, Tim’s talent for writing songs meshed with his sense of humor and some hilarious songs were written!

Not only does Tim write songs based on past church experiences, but he also refuses to take himself too seriously. Tim likes to live by the saying of “If you can laugh at your own problems, it makes them a whole lot better.” With that philosophy in mind, Tim penned one of his most popular songs, “The Stutter Song”. Tim first shared this song during a nationally televised event and the cameras were rolling. Now you can share the laughs with Tim and the audience from that first performance!