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Now you can shop the music and comedy of Tim Lovelace and bring hours of laughs to your home! Enjoy original songs from Tim, like his latest single, “Side Effects” and his full-length album “Piano Praise”. If you have enjoyed Tim’s comedy in person, now you can share it with your friends and family with hilarious CDs and DVDs. The Comedy Shop has some of Tim’s favorite albums that will soon be your favorites too!

If you cannot join Tim for a live performance, watching him on screen might be the next best thing. With each performance, Tim joyfully shares his life stories, sings original songs, and shares his message. Each year, Tim travels the country visiting a host of arenas, auditoriums, churches and other venues to make new friends as he entertains through song and laughter.

Take home great albums like the CD/DVD combo “Can You Glither?”. On this album, Tim is joined by Aaron Wilburn and Ryan & Friends for a hilarious night of singing and laughing. Throughout the album Tim entertains with some original songs, tells true stories, and is even joined on stage by wife Mary Alice Lovelace! The bonus features are even more hysterical as Tim, Aaron, and Ryan get together for some outrageous laughs!

You can easily notice that Tim’s passion is sharing his joy with the world. With each item in the Comedy Shop, you’re guaranteed to see Tim at his very best and sharing what he loves to do. Bring home one of Tim’s favorite albums and be motivated to live and laugh today!