Three CD Special


Three CD Special

Includes: Coffee World, A Quiet Christmas, and Piano Praise for only $19.95!

Amazing Comedy/Music Three CD Special! Order Tim Lovelace’s new CD “Living In A Coffee World” and get “A Quiet Christmas” AND “Piano Praise” for one great price!

“Living In A Coffee World” was recorded live at Lee University. It’s packed with 11 new musical comedy songs/routines, including the title track which delivers a humorous look at our coffee addictions.

“Living In A Coffee World” Track Listing

1. “Monologue (Spoken Word)”
2. “Living in a Coffee World (Live Version)”
3. “Mercurochrome”
4. “Black Belt to Black Eye/Anti-Bullying Talk (Spoken Word)”
5. “Goodbye Blues”
6. “What Happened to Tomatoes”
7. “Choose Happy”
8. “Some Assembly Required”

“A Quiet Christmas”

Tim arranged some of his favorite Christmas classics for “A Quiet Christmas,” his very first piano Christmas CD.

“Piano Praise”

On “Piano Praise” Tim displays his masterful artistry and musicianship with beautiful recordings of familiar songs such as “Shout To The Lord,” “I Can’t Even Walk” and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”


Three CD Special Includes: “Living In A Coffee World,” “A Quiet Christmas” and “Piano Praise” for only $19.95!

Tim Lovelace is a multi-talented comedian, musician, motivational speaker and award-winning songwriter, who recently signed with StowTown Records in early 2017. His first comedy DVD/CD for the label is Living In A Coffee World, which features his inspiring life stories and his expert musicianship.

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