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Tim Lovelace Video Gallery

Get a look at the hilarious comedy and original songs from Tim Lovelace! Tim’s Video Gallery is the best place to find great moments from some of Tim’s favorite concerts. So sit back, press play and get ready to laugh!

Multi-talented comedian, musician and motivational speaker, Tim Lovelace, has traveled the world for three decades. Tim has been writing songs since he was a teenager. As an award-winning songwriter, Tim has written multiple hit songs for artists in many genres, but he’s widely known for the zany comedy songs he writes for himself. Tim jokes, “I believe a song should match the IQ of the singer…that’s why I keep the crazy ones for myself!”

Not only does Tim write songs based on his life experiences, but he also refuses to take himself too seriously. Some of Tim’s favorite sayings are, “Every day is good, but some days are better” and “Happiness is a choice.” With that philosophy in mind, Tim penned one of his most popular songs, “The Stutter Song.” As child, Tim stuttered and was bullied about it, but he chooses to look at the lighter side of life, because he believes laughter makes everything better. Tim first shared this song during a nationally televised event and the cameras were rolling. Now you can share the laughs with Tim and the audience from that first performance!